About Us

”HELPING drivers and riders become WINNERS and winners become ‘WORLD’ champions”

Circuito Mike G Guadix was redesigned by Clive Greenhalgh and rebuilt in 2007.

Clive and his team have gradually transformed the circuit with constant improvements and substantial growth into one of the most popular international professional test and product launch facilities in Europe. We provide exceptional high standards in safety, presentation, and organisation.

This unique facility has been for many years used by most of the world’s leading manufactures and international pro racing teams.

Clive Greenhalgh
An ex-International racing driver and championship-winning team owner who now holds over 50 years of experience in motorsport and the events industry. He has trained his professional work team to have unbeatable experience and they all share a passion for motorsport.

Photo: Clive leading the pack of international Supersports race cars supporting F1 races in the ’80s in his 2 Ltr Chevron B8 BMW.

Mike Greenhalgh
Circuito Mike G Guadix is named after Clive’s son Mike Greenhalgh international FIA GT3 and Ascari development driver who helped Clive redesign and rebuild the track.

The Circuit was renamed in July 2012 in Michael’s loving memory.

“Nobody is born with a steering wheel or a gear shift in his hand. It’s something you choose to do or you don’t.”

– Mario Andretti